The role of the iPad/tablet Co-ordinator

Should understand how to get support from either Apple or a third party provider

Will be responsible for distribution of the iPad’s

To check safety of equipment weekly e.g. correct charger plugs, being used, no frayed wires and damaged iPads.

To ensure that faults are monitored and that maintenance and repairs are up to date, (centrally held file of fault notification sheets to be made available).

Will be responsible for the app purchasing, the budget, ongoing and extra costs of iPad ownership

Will be able to offer technical support, such as installing apps and transferring files between iPads and PCs or Macs

Ensure staff are trained in iPad safety & understanding the implications for damage and theft

Ensure that staff are trained in fitting appropriate iPad covers and access devices

Ensure that staff understand how, when and where to charge the iPad’s

To organise and ensure that a cleaning protocol for iPads is established and maintained

To ensure that staff know how to connect an iPad to Wi-Fi when appropriate

To ensure staff are trained to implement access options on the iPad

To ensure staffing know how to connect their iPad to a computer/interactive plasma screen or projector

To have an understanding of the needs and requirements of students with MLD, SLD, autism and PMLD.

To liaise with teachers and assistants to ensure the correct use and implementation of ‘education apps’

To liaise with all therapists, teachers and assistants to ensure the correct use of ‘Communication apps’
Should understand the communication methods used by the students. (Especially pre-intentional and emerging intentional communication.)

Offer training to therapists, teachers and assistance on new apps and accessories in the school for iPads

To write and update and make staff aware of a comprehensive sensory curriculum policy.

To be able to offer knowledge about apps for different areas such as

1. the curriculum
2. sensory stimulation
3. communication
4. fun apps

To provide general written information outlining the principles of using iPads in the curriculum for all staff.

Also to be involved with new staff as part of their induction package. To schedule meetings with staff members to discuss/advise on iPad principles, differentiation and practical activities.

To liaise with parents and guardians on current protocols for the security of all iPads taken home

To liaise with parents and guardians for security of all iPads personally owned by students and brought into school

To liaise with parents and guardians about the work children/students are doing with their iPads

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