Does your multi sensory room follow the AAA principles?

4 September 2019

The most successful sensory room designs are those based on the needs of the learners who use the space.  Here’s where the ‘AAA’ principles of room design fit in: 




Supporting a learner with difficult behaviour.

Part One.

12 September 2019

Understanding that individuals on the autistic spectrum, or with cognitive difficulty, may possibly be interpreting their environment in an entirely different way to those supporting them, is an important first step in responding to difficult behaviour.

Using a clonkerboard in your classroom!

19 September 2019

Here is a list of Clonker board activities, including ideas for you to use in your everyday classroom practice – we hope you enjoy them! 

These are a progression of exercises that can build gradually.

Don’t rush. Each idea is a whole session. 

Next article coming on the 26 September!