Focussed Learning ASD

Communication is the key to most personal & educational objectives we set for our pupils, but a huge challenge for those with autism/ASC, which is further compounded by the sensory sensitivity, processing and perceptual difficulties seen in autism.

Naomi has a plethora of dynamic, but simple, ideas to create focused learning opportunities to develop engagement & interaction. These ‘easy to replicate’ activities will be invaluable to you in your classroom or setting, and and you will be able to to implement them straight away.


Delegates will:

  • have the knowledge and understanding to create a more focused learning environment for pupils with autism
  • understand the need for making small changes to the classroom and working practices to maximise opportunities for learning and communication
  • understand the need to clarify and simplify sensory activities so these are not overwhelming or bombarding
  • understand how to make sensory activities explicit and accessible
  • have a range of ideas on how to combine senses to support sensory integration
  • understand how to use a ‘Clonkerboard’ or resonance board with a wealth of songs, chants,stories, and sensory play to develop communication, turn-taking & co-operation/interaction with peers
  • experience how ‘Dance Massage,’ an intensive interaction approach, can contribute toimproved mental health, communication and physical well-being

Why ‘Focused Learning for Autism?’

Naomi’s courses are experiential and lively. There will be many opportunities for hands-on focused learning. Our pupils are not the only ones that learn better that way!

Naomi addresses the following questions – and shares a variety of solutions for each.

How can we create focused sensory experiences that will support a pupil’s personalised learning? 

How can I create opportunities for interaction, turn-taking & communication in group activities? 

How can I ensure my focused sensory learning activities are engaging, but not over-stimulating? 

What do we really mean by ‘a positive sensory learning environment’? 

Why is it essential that the learning environment for pupils with autism is highly individualised? 

How do I enable my pupils with autism to build more successful relationships with their peers?

Who is presenting?

Naomi Rosenberg is an experienced Teacher of the Deaf who has chosen to work with children with autism and/or complex needs.  She has combined her teaching with consultancy and training and volunteers for Sense, keeping her work up to date and relevant. She has also been a short break foster carer for special children.  She passionately believes in inclusion and develops activities and opportunities for all children to work and play together, with choices and creative communication strategies using all of the senses.

When and where

14  May 2018 – Manchester

15 May 2018 – Birmingham

18 May 2018 – London

Who Should Attend?

This will be appropriate for teachers and classroom practitioners from special schools and colleges, mainstream settings & those with specialist SEN provision and early years settings, who are working with pupils with Autism at all levels of ability.

Course notes? All pertinent presentations & documents from the day will be available on our website, for you to continue your learning journey long after the training has finished!

Times & housekeeping? The day begins from 9am for coffee and registration, with the course starting at 9.30am, finishing at around 3.30pm.

Costs? £225 plus VAT per place including refreshments & lunch.