SENsory Ideas

Cheap Sensory!

Lots of movies about cheap sensory ideas click the logo…

Sensory Rooms

Sensory rooms and equipment are featured here…

iPad Projection

Using iPads with projectors is becoming more popular see this channel to find out why?

Sensory Ideas Sheets

Here are lots of comic sheets with ideas for light starships, glowballs and a host of other things.

Richard Hirstwood

Brilliant UV Light Ideas

Here are some wonderful UV light ideas from a few years ago but they are really current. Les has some fantastic ideas.

Les Staves

Helping deaf children

… to accept wearing hearing aids. Is she constantly pulling the hearing aids out and throwing them?  The first thing to check is the ear mould. Is it smooth with no sharp edges or the tubing protruding out? They should be a tight fit, but not so tight…

Naomi Rosenburg

Popular cheap sensory

Here is a downloadable list of the cheap sensory ideas Richard and Clive has on their courses.

More soon

More ideas coming soon.

More soon

More ideas coming soon.