The Creative Curriculum

Here are some of the books we looked at last Friday to make play fun for students.

Darth Vader and Son – Is a brilliant cartoon book which after Friday’s course I ordered and received on Sunday. It’s a cartoon book but could be converted into a sensory story wonderfully well.

Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Notebooks (Dr Who) – Many people know about William Shakespeare’s famous encounter with the Doctor at the Globe Theatre in 1599. But what few people know (though many have suspected) is that it was not the first time they met.

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars I also got this one and listened to the ‘Audiable‘ version. It really is the story of the first ‘Star Wars’ told in style of Shakespeare. See the promo movie on YouTube here.

The Teenager Who Came to TeaBut the teenager didn’t take just one Pringle. He took a selfie of himself pouring a whole tube of them into his mouth, before sending it to his best mate, along with the letters LOL! I got this and it’s brilliant.

The Very Hungover Caterpillar – This time, we follow the quest of one man as he attempts to shake off his hangover, through eating whatever he can get his hands on, and annoying his family in the process.  Not very PC but fantastic!

We’re Going on a Bar Hunt – In this parody of the famous children’s book, two parents set off for a night on the tiles, and encounter a series of watering holes and bars before an alarming encounter with a ‘bear’ sends them running home to their children. Not very PC but again it’s fantastic!