A Non Subject Specific Curriculum Notes

The Powerpoint is here


Here are the written notes from P1 – P4

The delegates felt the issues for school are…

There is new generation of learners

People are working with a wider range of medical issues

There are more tracheostomies to deal with!

More seizures to deal with!

Schools need more and more specialist equipment

There are a wider range of behavioural issues to work with

There is low self-esteem not just with staff but also our learners

Even with a PMLD/CLDD groups there are a massive range of learning strengths

Less feedback and shorter periods of engagement

Teachers and assistants need to be prepared and ready for short periods of engagement

Greater expertise needed such as SALT, Physio and sensory specialists

Staff are always faced with the challenge of time

Safeguarding can be an issue

There are more staff anxieties

Staff need to understand more about play

Staff need to learn more about non-subject specific learning


Schools need new staff training to develop their expertise


They also commented and questioned…

Why are we still teaching subjects?

Teaching needs to be ‘sensory – individual – personalised

Some are using topics and themes, including personalised topics in Scotland one school are working on building an ambition

It’s easier to work with groups when classes are based on cognitive ability

As a learner gets older there is an pressure to deliver subjects which are not appropriate

But subjects offer a vehicle to give staff ideas for teaching

Staff need to get the environments right


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