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Escaping the culture...

Richard is a passionate speaker and very experienced in his field. He is one of the members of the Rochford Revue panel and he did a great presentation on our CLDD day. Here is his presentation and his notes.

Richard Aird, OBE.

Escaping the culture

Here are the backup notes for Richards presentation.

Richard Aird, OBE.

Fountaindale School

Fountaindale School developed their own Play curriculum and have just had a favourable OFSTED inspection. There work is all around the child and its really worth a look so here are the pages with all the links for the ‘Creative Curriculum’ course.

Developing personal pathways

In this article, Barry Carpenter discusses how the learning needs of our children with CLDD are changing, as the conditions that the children present with are also changing. We need to deepen our understanding of these changing learning styles in order to more accurately meet their needs.

Barry Carpenter OBE, CBE

Fairfield School Curriculum

The team from Fairfield School did a brilliant presentation all about their journey to create their new curriculum   Here is a single sheet overview of their work. Their presentation is available on a password protected page if you wou;ld like to see it.

SEND Curriculum Conference

Barry Carpenter CBE, OBE, Richard Aird OBE, Peter Imray and all the speakers shared their notes through this link at the SEND curriculum conference in December 2016.

Useful Links from Barry Carpenter

In this page Professor Barry Carpenter gives lots of links to sites wjich may be of use to those people looking at new curriculums in their schools.

Prof. Barry Carpenter OBE, CBE

The Changing Landscape of SEND

CHILDREN and young people with complex learning difficulties and disabilities (CLDD) have been described as a 21st century frontier for education (Carpenter et al, 2105)…

Revisiting Engagement

Prof. Barry Carpenter CBE, OBE, looks at the
development of the Engagement Framework for Learning

Reflections of the Rochford Review

As one of the Rochford review members Richard is well placed to comment on the review itself read more here…

Richard Aird. OBE

Hitting the target...

and missing the point is a great paper from Peter outlining his view of the Rochford revue as presented on our curriculum conference in December 2016