Assessing Learning in SEND

Here are the course notes for the day. Just click on the links to go to the pages.

Richard’s GAS Sheets –  get one here.

Richard’s Visual, hearing and tatile assessments –  get them here

Richard’s baseline information sheets – get them here

Richard’s classroom assessment – get it here

Richard’s visual routemaps – get them here soon

NGL or NGL = New Generation of Pedagogy or Learner See Barry Carpenters paper here

For more curriculum ideas go to the – Curriculum pages here

CLDD Training Materials – Training Here

Piloting the 7 aspects of engagement – see the paper here 

Teacher workload advisory group report and government response – See the policy papers here

Nick Gibb Teachers are taking control of their profession – See the paper here

Autism Sensory Checklist – Get it here 

Positive About Autism, how to create a positive sensory plan – Get it here

Ofsted ‘Working Toward the EIF 2019 inspection framework – See the slides here

Commission on Assessment, Without Levels Final report – See the paper here

Steve Phillips presentation – Get the PDF here

Age Appropriate – Paper which makes sense here