Course Notes

Sensory Room Notes

Click on the picture below to see all things related to sensory rooms. Suppliers, design notes and a host of information about setting up and using sensory rooms.

Sensory room notes

This is still on part of our old website we’re updating this summer 2019.

Autism Pages

We have run lots of courses covering all areas of autism. The papers, movies and presentations here will give you lots of inspiration for working with our learners.

Curriculum notes and papers

Special schools have the opportunity to create our own learning parameters without government involvement. Here are some of the country’s most influential writers.

Portable Technology

Portable technology is fascinating to so many learners and can offer a host of experiences for our learners with ASD and CLDD. See how on the following pages.

Portable Tecnology

Challenging Behaviour

Challenging behaviour doesn’t have to be challenging for practitioners read here how the Hirstwood team approach this sometimes complicated subject.

Challenging Behaviour

Sensory Assessments

We need assessments to give us our starting point to understand your journey. If you want to know where to start have a look at the following pages.

Sensory Classrooms

Do you want to make your classroom or even home more sensory. Here are ideas from products to assessments.

Simply Sensory Ideas

If you need lots of sensory ideas from equipment, company links and lesson ideas this is the page for you.

Clonker Boards

Naonmi is a principle trainer for Hirstwood and a teacher for the deaf. Her ‘Clonker’ boards or ‘Resonance’ boards as they are often known ar cheap to build and wonderful for both CLDD and Autism.

Assessing learning in SEND

Here are the links for the Assessing Learning in SEND Course 2018

Design your Sensory Room

If you have the password click on the picture and it will take you to our online course about multi sensory room design.

SEMH 2019

Click on the picture to see the notes for this course

Engagement in a sensory curriculum

Click on the picture to see some of the notes from this course.

Strategies to support anxious learners

Click on the picture to see the notes for this course

Sensory Stories

Click on the picture to see the notes for this course