Coloured Lighting


We all know that colour can affect our lives quite profoundly. Coloured lighting is being used more and more in sensory rooms and in some classrooms. Some years ago a team at Sunfield School,under the guidance of Prof Barry Carpenter, carried out some research on the effects of colour on children with autism. Whilst designing a new residential block, the children were asked to choose the colour of their rooms. Some of the results were quite surprising, as many chose colours which were quite fluorescent or very bright.

There much evidence,some of it anecdotal, to say that red makes us stronger, green makes us more passive, blue is a cooling colour and more people argue in yellow rooms than anywhere else. So colours have an effect on everybody not just individuals with autism. The problem is that coloured lighting can be very expensive. So here is a video all about the Philips Hue lighting. It’s currently around £200 for three lamps and is controlled by an iPad or iPhone.  It has a very unique control system which allows you to take photographs of objects and things and then mirror the colours with your Hue lamps.

Mike Ayres is now a Hue Lighting dealer and this can be viewed on his website. He has also developed an app to control lighting for sensory rooms which look fascinating.

This is our YouTube video


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