Sensory Kits

Sometimes we spot cheaper sensory items or hear about amazing products on Hirstwood Training courses, but find them hard to track down. Well, here is a range of sensory equipment we use which will save you hours of shopping detective work! Backed up with a ever expanding catalogue of video training (which you can view before buying) these kits enable you to create sensory environments anywhere, anytime!


Grafitti sack copy

Super Graffiti Sensory Sack

A combination of 18 items will enable you to write in light, from simple scribbles, symbols and pictures. With this kit you can also create shadows which stay for up to 5 minutes in a darkened room. This is a great kit for group work and because you have plenty of torches and boards everybody gets a turn.

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Ion Party starter basket copy

Super Sound to Light Sensory Case

A combination of 11 items will enable you to create opportunities for stunning visual effects linked to the volume of voice/s, music or otherwise!  Encourage vocalisations or manage volume control using the visual reward. 

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Underwater kit with UV light copy

Super Underwater  Sensory Sack

Turn you pool, hot tub or bathroom at home into a great sensory experience. We know that water can really be a fantastic stimulus itself, but why not complement it with amazing visual effects both in and out of the water.

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See our 'How to' ideas comic sheets here.

Quick guides to the products above

If you need some simple quick ideas for your sensory kits print out these sheets.

Shadow Board

Making shadows and writing in light is great fun with this UV torch and shadow board. The kits comprise of 1, 2 or 3 torches and boards and great for individual and group work. 

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