Regional Courses

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Conference Speakers –

Professor Barry Carpenter CBE, OBE

Richard Aird OBE, Robyn Steward and Joanna Grace

A collaborative day sharing good practise, practical insights and reflections on the implications of mental health issues in schools and at home. This course has some of the countries best speakers on the subject and you will leave this day with a more in depth knowledge, inspired change the quality of life for many learners in our care… more

1 December 2017 –  London

With Naomi Rosenberg.

On this experiential learning day, Naomi will demonstrate how to create focussed sensory experiences that will support a pupil’s personalised learning journey in an educational learning or home setting. Explore how we can we shape the curriculum and our teaching styles to best support our learners. Discover which small adaptations to the learning environment and our working practices will greatly enhance opportunities for engagement, interaction and communication… more

13 November 2017 Manchester

14 November 2017 Nottingham

17 November 2017 London

With Richard Hirstwood and Chris Barson.

Just how sensory is autism? It is very sensory and to work effectively and ensure the mental wellbeing you need to create a sensory learning space for pupils with autism that is appropriate. On this course, you will learn about the effects of your environment and learn how to carry out an environmental audit session. You will also learn about safety on the spectrum, which is so important if we are to offer our learners a great education… more

15 November 2017 Manchester

17 November 2017 Newcastle

24 November 2017 London

6 October 207 – Belfast

26 October 2017 – Glasgow

A national course with Richard Hirstwood to help you develop sensory strategies in your sensory space either in a sensory room. But this course goes much deeper than equipment. Understanding sensory  learning,  sensory classrooms, using multi sensory rooms effectively and sensory ideas on a shoestring are all topics which will be covered on the day.

25 October 2017 – Glasgow

Clive Smith will explore an alternative sensory perspective to the traditional approach to challenging behaviour in those with SEND. Many of the problems individuals face in life stem from their inability to regulate their sensory input – Clive will explore how to create positive sensory activities and environments to develop self-regulation. More…

If you would prefer we can bring on courses to you. We can train your staff on single training days either hands on or lecture format or we can support your school or centre with a more comprehensive training package of hands on days, lecture days, twilight sessions and consultancy days. More information here…