Regional Courses

10 March 2017 – Manchester

17 March 2017 –  London

A jam-packed day full of ideas about how to support a child’s social, emotional & communication development by building on their sensory profile & interests – through play.

With a fantastic lineup of world class speakers including Robyn Steward, Richard Hirstwood, Chris Barson, Judy Denziloe, Naomi Rosenberg and Carol Allen.

19 May 2017 – Cardiff

26 May 2017 – London

6 June 2017 – Edinburgh

9 June 2017 – Preston

23 June 2017 – Newcastle

A national course with Richard Hirstwood to help you develop sensory strategies in your sensory space either in a sensory room. But this course goes much deeper than equipment. Understanding sensory  learning,  sensory classrooms, using multi sensory rooms effectively and sensory ideas on a shoestring are all topics which will be covered on the day.


18 May 2017 – Cardiff

25 May 2017 – London

9 June 2017 – Manchester

16 June 2017 – Nottingham

22 June 2017 – Newcastle

Clive Smith will explore an alternative sensory perspective to the traditional approach to challenging behaviour in those with SEND. Many of the problems individuals face in life stem from their inability to regulate their sensory input – Clive will explore how to create positive sensory activities and environments to develop self-regulation. More…

‘Escaping the culture of national curriculum levels in the pursuit of a specialised curriculum for pupils with PMLD and CLDD’

24 March 2017, London

A collaborative day sharing good practise, practical insights and reflections on the implications of the Rochford Review – giving you a sound base to embrace the new changes in your setting.

Our Keynote Speaker will be Richard Aird, OBE!

The Presentations will be given by schools – and by practitioners in pursuit of a specialised curriculum for their learners with PMLD/CLDD.  Each school is at a different point in their journey to to create a perfect curriculum for their pupils and have different priorities and influences.  They will share their successes, lightbulb moments, ‘oh no!’ moments and their next steps.

20 March 2017 – Birmingham

Mixing academics and practical practitioners will give delegates the understanding and the practical knowhow to further develop your SEN Curriculum at practitioner & management levels, whether you are in a special/mainstream school or an EYFS setting.

Hearing the people who influence critical legislation and their advice on how to translate this into meaningful strategies for your school, means that this conference will send you away with the knowledge, skills and tools to move forward with new freedom and purpose.

Keynote Speakers – Professor Barry Carpenter CBE, OBE, PhD and Richard Aird OBE.

Workshop presentations by -Professor Barry Carpenter CBE, OBE, PhD, Richard Aird OBE, Peter Imray, Jan Collins, Steve Phillips and Kelly Fedun.

If you would prefer we can bring on courses to you. We can train your staff on single training days either hands on or lecture format or we can support your school or centre with a more comprehensive training package of hands on days, lecture days, twilight sessions and consultancy days. More information here…