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11 November 2016 – NCVO, 8 All Saints St, N1 9RL London

This will be a fun multi sensory approaches course with varied speakers across the country. Multi sensory rooms, sensory classrooms and multi sensory classrooms and homes will be high on the agenda. Speakers like Richard Hirstwood, Clive Smith, Judy Denziloe, Chris Barson and more are looking forward to help you make your sensory practice fun and effective.

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Back in Summer 2018!

Communication it is a huge challenge for many learners.  The children and young adults we work with need a positive listening environment to help direct and focus attention with activities that stimulate and encourage interaction. Naomi Rosenberg will explore simple but dynamic ways to use music and sound through a range of activities that will encourage listening, engagement and interaction. More…

Challenging Behaviour

27 February 2017 – Manchester

28 February 2017 – Birmingham

3 March 2017 – London

Clive Smith will explore an alternative sensory perspective to the traditional approach to challenging behaviour in those with SEND. Many of the problems individuals face in life stem from their inability to regulate their sensory input – Clive will explore how to create positive sensory activities and environments to develop self-regulation. More…

Sensory autism


Back in 2018!

This practical day with Richard and Chris will explore sensory issues and autism in depth. We’ll share a range of ideas & approaches, which will enable you to create sensory activities and environments that will build on the individual’s learning strengths. More…