A SENsory Curriculum

Do you have the best strategies to maximise the impact of any sensory environment on an individual’s learning opportunities?


A sensory curriculum for all! What are the principles of multi sensory learning? Richard shares why a sensory curriculum is vital and how this looks in everyday practice. Our learners need sensory stimulation and Richard looks at how can we use fun, appropriate and regulated sensory stimulation to engage them further in their learning. He’ll finish by looking at how the brain works and why this knowledge is changing & reinforcing our sensory approaches to learning.

Why is using a learning styles approach appropriate to our learners? Richard looks at how using this positive approach will enable us to identify a learner’s strengths and potential barriers to engagement, to ensure continued progress.  How can you then use this information to personalise an individual’s learning pathway?

Using a multi sensory room effectively. Understanding how to best use your multi sensory equipment will maximise the impact of your space. Viewing each piece of equipment as a ‘tool’, which can produce a specific outcome, will ensure that sensory objectives are clear and targets met.

Building engaging sensory environments. Every room can be a sensory room, but how can we modify an environment like a classroom to ensure that pupils are able to fully participate in their learning experiences?  Richard has a plethora of ideas and strategies for developing sensory spaces – from large scale environments to the smallest sensory spaces!

Sensory on a shoestring. Sensory equipment doesn’t have to be expensive! Poundland, Tiger & Ikea are low-cost sources of sensory delights which are ideal for engaging sensory sessions.  From powerful motivators, to attention-getters and story-makers, Richard shares how these shoestring tools contribute to a holistic sensory approach.

Richard Hirstwood

IMG_0850 Richard’s training courses have, and continue to be, experienced worldwide. His extensive experience is based on practical knowledge, giving him insight into what works and what doesn’t in multi sensory practice. Regular sessions with children and adults with autism and all additional needs in a variety of multi sensory rooms, and more recently iPads, enable him to maintain this level of excellent practice. His YouTube channels are viewed by over one million people every year and he constantly updates his ideas movies and papers. He was the co-author of ‘The practical guide to multi sensory rooms’ in 1995 and has continued to create both offline and online content, his latest being a 7 hour online training course for iPads. His enthusiasm for his subject and his sensory skills are endless!


‘simple ideas for building attention building activities’ – S Jamieson

‘Sensory technology doesn’t have to be expensive!’ – J Montgomery

‘Background information on how the brain functions – backing up why we do what we do!’ – C Broomfield

‘Extensive range of sensory activites/gadgets & ideas for engagement’ – I Simpson

‘Great ideas on how to set up a classroom sensory environment’ – S Duffin


When and where?

6 October 2017 – Belfast

26 October 2017 – Glasgow

Who should attend?

This will be appropriate for colleagues from special schools, mainstream schools, EYFS services and adult provision who are working with those with PMLD/CLDD/Autism, and who wish to expand their sensory approaches to learning and their sensory environments to increase engagement in learning and inclusion.


£225  plus VAT per place, including refreshments & lunch. All presentations & relevant documents will be available on our website for you share with colleagues.

Course Notes.

All pertinent presentations and movies from the day will be availabe to you on our website, so that you can continue your learning journey after the end of the day – and to share with your colleagues!

Times and housekeeping.

We begin the day from 9am with coffee and registration.  Presentations will begin at 9.30am and finish around 3.30pm.

All refreshments and a lovley lunch are provided!