Focussed Learning for PMLD

With Naomi Rosenberg.

On this experiential learning day, Naomi will demonstrate how to create focussed sensory experiences that will support a pupil’s personalised learning journey in an educational learning or home setting.

Explore how we can we shape the curriculum and our teaching styles to best support our learners.

Discover which small adaptations to the learning environment and our working practices will greatly enhance opportunities for engagement, interaction and communication.

Naomi will share ideas to facilitate meaningful communication opportunities – a huge challenge for those pupils with PMLD & sensory/physical impairments.

We will also look at how to create a ‘positive sensory learning environment (PSLE)’.


Naomi addresses the following questions and shares a variety of solutions for each: 
  • How I can make my communication clearer and easier to understand?
  • How can I enable my pupils to communicate?
  • What do we mean by a ‘positive learning environment’?
  • Why is it important to experience the sensory experience yourself?
  • How can I improve the mental health of my pupils?
  • How do I build trusting relationships?


Learning outcomes:

  • have the knowledge and understanding to create a more focused learning environment
  • understand how to make sensory activities explicit and accessible
  • understand why this approach has better learning outcome
  • have a range of ideas on how to combine senses to aid sensory integration
  • understand how to use a Clonkerboard or resonance board with sensitivity
  • have a wealth of songs, chants, games, stories, sensory exploration for inclusion, interaction and engagement
  • have an introduction to Dance Massage which uses music as the main driver for the massage. See how Dance Massage is an intensive interaction to greatly improve mental health, communication and physical well-being

Who will be presenting?

Naomi Rosenberg has been a specialist Teacher of the Deaf for learners with complex needs, with twenty years’ experience. During this time, she has created & adapted a massive wealth of activities to bring music and communication to life. Naomi specialises in learners who are ‘hardest to reach’, with varying degrees of sensory impairments, autism and pre formal learners. Naomi has worked with Hirstwood Training for 5 years and hosts innovative courses on varied subjects such as dance massage, clonker or resonance boards and sensory gardens. All of which are a fantastic complement to the technological approach of many of our other courses. Naomi is a lively & imaginative presenter, she is a Sensory Consultant & initiator of ‘Dance Massage’.


17 November 2017 London – FULL

Who Should attend?

This will be appropriate for colleagues from special schools, mainstream schools, EYFS services and adult provision who are working with those with PMLD/CLDD/Autism, and who wish to expand their sensory approaches to learning and their sensory environments to increase engagement in learning and inclusion.

Course notes?

All pertinent presentations & movies from the day will be available to you to continue your learning journey long after the training has finished!

Times & housekeeping: 

The day begins from 9am for coffee and registration, with the course starting at 9.30am. We will finish around 3.30pm. All refreshments & a lovely lunch will be provided.

Cost: £225  plus VAT per place, including refreshments & lunch.