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Assessments & investigations of vision – some helpful tips!

It is common to hear that we ‘do visual stimulation’ with students with visual impairments, and it will prove to be beneficial for all ages. But to do this, we must find something which the student is interested in looking

So iPads work with Autism…?

  We really need hard evidence to support importing new teaching technologies into the classroom. Trouble is the iPad tech is so new at the moment there is little evidence to guide us as to what works and in what

Supporting individuals with Challenging Behaviour

Understanding that individuals on the autistic spectrum, or with cognitive difficulty, may possibly be interpreting their environment in an entirely different way to those supporting them, is an important first step in responding to the challenging behaviour. Accepting that, for

The Roots of Challenging Behaviour

Roots of Challenging Behaviour In this very short article we are going to explore the organic causes of challenging behaviour. We will consider why the destructive behaviours seem so entrenched. We will also consider what the individual gets out of

Sensory Pegs from IKEA, Sound Activated Electroluminescent Wire! and more

Introducing…Sound Activated Electroluminescent Wire! Under £15 pounds, this is an incredible sound operated sensory effect from Amazon! Have a look! A great idea from…IKEA! If you want to hang sensory things or a blackout blind in your classroom or home

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