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6 things you can do to help a deaf child in your class.

Why is hearing so crucial to children’s development and their education?

It’s all about language and the ability to think.

If a child has good vision and is brought up in a signing environment at home and in school,

5 Tips for dealing with challenging behaviour

5 Tips for dealing with challenging behaviour – June 2016

  1. Much of the time when we are faced with behaviour that challenges us as supporter can stem from the individual’s sensory processing skills being out of balance.

5 Tip to help learners hearing!

Sound Distractions

Just like visual clutter sound can be really distracting so here are some tips on making an environment successful for learners who have difficulties processing sound.

  1. Try to cut down echo in the classroom because although you may not think that you don’t have echo you may be surprised.

Visual Distractions

Visual distractions

When trying to get learners with autism or a visual loss to really focus on you or the activity.  It’s worth looking around your room and follow these 5 quick and easy visual points.

Assessments & investigations of vision – some helpful tips!

It is common to hear that we ‘do visual stimulation’ with students with visual impairments, and it will prove to be beneficial for all ages. But to do this, we must find something which the student is interested in looking at!

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